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Quality matters.

ICOTECH employs a disciplined approach, enforcing strict standards for design, quality and testing. We are a flexible system provider with a broad base of experience in providing high quality integrated control systems across the country. We have provided numerous systems ranging from basic Hardwired / Relay Logic systems to highly complex embedded systems with API integration to 3rd party products. We have provided systems to control just a few doors in a single building and large, distributed, city wide alarm management systems covering multiple sites. Our focus is providing engineered, integrated systems and support to local integrators for correctional, criminal justice and government projects. Our resources include dedicated departments for software engineering, hardware engineering and CAD / drafting in addition to project managers, production and customer support personnel.


PLC based systems

We offer PLC based systems that are designed, programmed and assembled to your Specifications. We utilize top quality controllers and I/O and can provide integration programming to control most nationally recognized third party systems such as Video Management and Intercom. Our systems are fully tested in our shop prior to shipment. They are clearly labeled, well documented and delivered to the jobsite ready to be installed. ICOTECH recommends Rockwell Automation products for PLC systems.

Distributed Logic systems

ICOTECH's Distributed Logic systems offer all of the benefits of a PLC based system, without the single point of failure that in inherently associated with PLC's. Distributed Logic systems also allow data to be encrypted to prevent hacking. Our Distributed logic control systems also allow integration programming to interface with any third party system supporting ASCII, either over serial or Ethernet. Distributed Logic systems are also easier to install and service and typically more cost competitive than comparable PLC systems.

Hardwired systems

Hardwired or Relay Logic systems are the simplest and most reliable type of control system available. Relay logic systems utilize graphic panels with mechanical switches and LED indicators. They tend to require more space than comparable programmable systems. Also, because they are very labor intensive to develop, they tend to cost significantly more. However, Hardwired systems offer exceptional reliability,  longevity and spare parts availability and are an excellent choice for stand-alone systems.


Jail Controls

Since 1984, ICOTECH's focus has been designing and building locking control systems for county jails. Although we have expanded our capabilities; systems for county jails have remained our core business. Our systems control thousands of jail doors from coast to coast every single day.



Integrated Security

In addition to locking controls, we have expanded our capabilities to include numerous other systems commonly found in jails. Our systems integration capabilities include Lighting control systems, Video management systems, Video visitation systems, Intercom systems, Access control systems, intrusion detection and monitoring systems and much more. We can provide these systems along with our locking system or integrate to third party systems provided by others.



Alarm Management Systems

ICOTECH also has extensive experience in developing Alarm management systems. We have provided systems that monitor panic alarms, intrusion detection, perimeter detection, fire, motion alarms and much more. Our systems have been installed in Jails, Courthouses, Police stations, Water treatment plants, Utility Power Services headquarters, City halls and more. We offer alarm management systems that are customized for each installation and easily scalable. Our systems also integrate seamlessly with third part systems for video call up or device control and our network based design allows us to offer systems that provide real time monitoring for numerous sites, whether across town or on the other side of the world.