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How Can We Help You?

At ICOTECH, our goal is to provide more than a product.

We deliver real benefits to our customers and help provide the right solution for each project. This requires more than a good line card. It requires personal involvement with clients. It requires knowledge of the specific application and a dedication to customer satisfaction. That is why we pursue a policy of partnership. We work with design professionals to provide intelligent, up to date information on the latest technologies available. We work with facilities to help them better understand their options. And we work with system integrators to help them deliver the best installation to their customers.

Solutions for design professionals

We help design professionals by providing:

  • Information on the latest advances in control and communication technology
  • Answers to design questions
  • Information about specific capabilities or limitations of a system
  • Information about third party products such as network hardware
  • Budgetary estimates
  • Other resources for design and planning

Solutions for end users

We help end users by providing:

  • Needs assessments
  • System layout and design
  • Information about control options
  • Selecting qualified technology partners and service providers
  • Budgetary estimates
  • Financing options

Solutions for system integrators

We help system integrators by providing:

  • Help with proposals
  • Help with project planning
  • Unlimited free technical support
  • Free Training
  • Project leads

Solutions for tomorrow

Our ongoing Research and Development department is committed to delivering innovative products for tomorrow's system needs and finding the best solutions for correctional control.